Waxing Salon During Pandemic

Waxing Salon During Pandemic

Ever since Covid-19 happened, we had to adjust our lifestyle and adapt to the new normal. This means staying at home and only going outdoors if necessary – mostly for running errands. We avoided the malls, leisure activities and dining out. While observing social distancing, we try our best to avoid physical contact with others.

But in the span of more than 6 months, our hygiene has also been compromised. In what way, you might ask? If you’re someone who’s used to getting rid of unwanted body hair, then you might’ve opted for DIY remedies at home during lockdown. Sure it’s simple if you have the ingredients. A couple tablespoons of sugar, water, honey and you got yourself a homemade sugar wax.

It really is not a big deal to be honest and definitely not a necessity. However, I personally visit my waxing salon on a monthly basis during pre-pandemic period. Most especially if I have upcoming travels. And since we’re just at home, I settled with the easy way out – which is shaving and/or plucking. Still, my skin feels uncomfortable and itchy. May cause dark pigments too if not taken care of properly. I really missed the professionals handling my worries.

Suprising news, Laybare Waxing Salon has finally reopened! My go-to branch has been closed for quite some time, good thing a branch near me in Katipunan is operational. But the question is, how safe is it to revisit and allow someone to touch my skin? What are the protocols implemented to ensure the well being of their clients?

Book an appointment ahead of time! Below are the three branches that I’d love to recommend since they are all under one management. Salons are open daily from 10:00AM-7:00PM. Only a limited number of persons are allowed inside the premises, so it’s better to check with the contact numbers and secure your spot in advance.

Staff are all wearing PPEs. Thermal scanner shall be used to check your temperature before entry. They strictly require a face mask. You are not allowed to take them off. Hence, face and lip hair removal services are temporarily unavailable. Only eyebrow threading, and other body hair waxing can be accommodated.

Upon arrival, a health declaration form must be accomplished before the procedure. Even the pens are sanitized. You will be guided to your cubicle afterwards, in which the robe and sheets are changed after every use.

Laybare Esteban Katipunan, Dormitoryana and Pearl Drive branches are offering a free eyebrow threading when you avail any of these services: Brazilian, Bikini, Half Legs or Full Legs. That is such a good deal! Get two services done in one visit. This promo runs until December 31, 2020. You should check them out if you live within the area. (Hello Marikina, Quezon and Pasig City folks!)

In case you’re wondering, here’s the latest pricing of all services, products and packages offered by Laybare. A frequency card is still available to claim discounts on next visits.

They also encourage cashless payments to minimize mutual contact. Another mode of payment accepted in the 3 branches is thru Lyka Gems. This is the newest social media platform launched in the Philippines and I’m surprised that they have it here at the store.

Here’s my overall verdict. The services are still the same. Nothing beats getting waxed after a long period of time. I am reborn. Laybare really does a clean work. As for how they cope up with the new normal, I felt protected and well taken care of by the staff. Everything is well sanited. I am hair free without the worry of carrying a virus. Guess the regular routine is back! Remember: When you see hair, it’s time to Laybare!

A side note – bear in mind that it’s natural to have body hair. Not because other girls choose to wax theirs, doesn’t mean you should too. It’s a good experience but you have the free will to do whatever you want with your body.

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